Welcome to 'Daddy and His Little Soldier', the TFL.org approved fanlisting for the relationship between the father and son duo John & Dean Winchester from the hit CW tv show Supernatural. John is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Dean is played by Jensen Ackles in the series.

Our dad is our best friend. We can see how much he sacrificed for our current needs and as well as our future. That is the reason why it is time for us to let them feel how much we love them. We should make sure that we expressly thank them for all the things that they have done for us. It may be their responsibility. We may not see them crying, but surely, our father would always be concerned with our daily needs. It is time for us to return back the favor even in simple means. In fact, we can shower them our love by cooking their favorite food or treating them in their favorite restaurant.

While we spend our time with our dad, we can share our food experiences over the internet. Is it not exciting to capture all the memories and as well as all the different foods that you tasted together with your dad? We should always cherish every lunch or dinner dates by making a blog. But, before that, we should know how to start a food blog. It seemed easy, but there are more things to consider. So, we must be educated with the things that we still need to know. Remember, we cannot bring back the time.

Live versus Recorded Music
Listening to live orchestra music is mostly attended by rich and famous people. In the past, learning how to play musical instruments is expected from people part of the high society. Besides their academic classes, they are required to have music class. During their music class, they are thought to learn how to play instruments such as piano, violin, cello, double bass, trumpet, clarinet, flute, oboes, and others. Being able to play a musical instrument is a symbol of status because they have the money and means to purchase it. Today, almost everyone knows how to play a music instrument and is interested in listening to classical music. However, listening to live orchestra is still a bit expensive. Thus, some people just listen to recorded classical music. The debate about live versus recorded music, live music still beats the recorded one because you’ll be able to really feel every note.

Supernatural is one of the most famous TV shows in the US. It’s a fantasy horror television series created by Eric Kripke and was first broadcasted on September 13, 2005. The show started with Dean Winchester picking his brother, Sam, in his college because their father, John, was missing. Based on the episodes, you can see that Dean is closer to their father than Sam. Both brothers are constantly arguing, with Dean reasoning out that they need to find their father because he needs help while Sam says that it is not unusual for their father to disappear. Since their mother died, the Winchesters had a rough life. John became a hunter to avenge his dead wife while his sons were forced to learn and become hunters too. If you want to know more about the Supernatural series, you can check out free web directories.


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